Lila Tueller
Lila Tueller Designs
Hi! My name is Lila Tueller. I am a really lucky person to have the opportunity to work with Riley Blake to design fabric, which is one of my most favorite things to do in the world! Most of my life I have been either sewing, drawing, painting, or creating in some form or another. I have spent many, many hours creating fashions for my children, myself, or my home; or for other people or their children or their homes. I absolutely love to design and create things, in just about any medium you can think of. I have a lot of creative energy which needs to be channeled, or it becomes a nuisance to everyone around me! Although I have received some formal training in the arts, I am mostly self-taught. I had an indulgent mother who would spare no expense to provide me with materials and do-it- yourself books. I began sewing for real when my mother bought me a used machine at the age of twelve. After that I couldn’t be stopped! I have sold many of my handmade things at boutiques, and I have made and sold everything from my brightly painted ceramic pitchers, platters and bowls to children’s boutique clothing, to wild winter fleece hats, to baby quilts, to framed water color paintings, to handbags… and the list goes on. The best thing that could’ve happened to me in regards to my creative ventures is to have the opportunity to be a fabric designer. It is something I always dreamed of doing, but didn’t know how to begin! luckily, through a quirky series of events, that dream has been realized for me. It has been really gratifying to see my artistic designs become fabric that can then be sewn into more of my designs. And to see what other people have made from my work is beyond fulfilling!

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