Sandra Workman
Sandra Workman Designs
Sandra Workman lives with her husband Randy and their beautiful daughter Kaylee, in Draper, Utah where she and Randy operate their design company Pine Mountain Designs. They oversee their quilt store, Pine Needles at Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah. Sandra began her love of creative arts as a young child following in the footsteps of her talented mother and has continued to develop her talents under the encouraging influence of her husband Randy. Sandra’s designs include an extensive line of cross-stitch kits, embroidery designs, quilt patterns and now her first fabric line Happy Ever After. Sandra has one criteria for design and that is it needs to make her feel happy. Her subject choice and color selection are sunny and sweet. Sandra believes that each of us has an innate need to create, and whether it is with paper, fabric or food creating feeds the soul and brightens the world around us.