Eleanor Dugan
Some people will walk right past this odd-looking fabric. That’s because they haven’t a clue to what it is or does. Sashing Stash has a definite learning curve—happily a very short one, more of an “Aha!” The minute quilters grasp the concept—how the classic geometric strips divide into sashing and borders that add dramatic power to both traditional and contemporary quilts—they are hooked. I’ve seen it happen over and over. Whenever I show the concept to both fledgling and veteran quilters, their expressions go from dubious to exuberant as their minds start racing. Within minutes, they are sharing their own ideas for ways to use the fabric, exciting new concepts that in turn expand my own ideas. Our sharing becomes a tumult of escalating creativity. Sashing Stash grew out of my own need to solve a problem. During two decades as a Broadway and Hollywood film costumer, I was always looking for fast, simple ways to achieve dramatic results. And, as an avid quilter since 1971, I began haunting fabric stores seeking a fabric like Sashing Stash that could do the same. Finally, I realized that if it was to be done, it was up to me to do it. The result was Sashing Stash, a unique concept in quilting fabrics—a bolt consisting entirely of intricately coordinated sashing and borders. While many fabric lines have a stripe suitable for borders and sashing, that stripe coordinates only with its own line and, with luck, maybe one other in the store. Sashing Stash coordinates with at least 80 per cent of the fabrics in any fabric store, both vintage and contemporary. A few yards of Sashing Stash in a quilter’s stash can provide dazzle for five to twelve quilts. The focus fabric contains five classic border and sashing designs that divide in a dozen different ways. The separate strips can turn quick-and-easy quilts into stunners. Each supporting fabric consists entirely of one of the focus-fabric borders. These fabrics can save enough time and effort constructing usually daunting labor-intensive classic quilts that an average quilter is seduced into undertaking them. For more information about me, check out www.EleanorDuganQuilts.com. For more information about Sashing Stash, go to www.SashingStash.com.


Sashing Stash