Amy Smart
Diary of a Quilter
Amy Smart, quilt designer and writer at speaking about the inspiration for her first fabric collection: “Growing up, my mom made a lot of the clothes my sisters and I wore – just as her mother had done for her. She especially loved to dress us in matching clothes. And since funds were tight, the most common fabric she used was good old gingham. Not only did we have gingham clothes, we had gingham curtains, doll clothes, bed quilts, and doll quilts. About the time I was born (mid 1970’s) my mom also made her first quilt in red, white, and navy blue. Quilting cottons were not widely available so she did the best she could finding calicos and prints on polyester blends to go with her stash of gingham. Fortunately fabric options have come a long way since then, but this collection is an homage to that decade, my childhood, and my mom’s first quilt. Little did she know what she was starting…


Gingham Girls

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